Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Golden Tree Spa is located at Lapus Lapus Boracay specializes in Stone Massage Therapy. It was designed in modern theme providing an ambience of well-being and total relaxation and offers a holistic range of touch therapy and restores to balance your mind and body.

Stone Massage Therapy creates a deeply relaxing and healing treatment that helps the body’s energy and blood circulation. Using both pressure and placement of warm stones on the body and combined with aroma therapy, this therapeutic massage restores energy flow.

Your guests will be greeted by our therapists upon arriving at the spa and you will be served with our authentic Marongay Herbal Tea, its call The Tree of Miracle that provides lots of vitamins to the body. There are 4 Aroma Oil to choose: Lavender, Peppermint, Green Spa and Eucalyptus. Guests will be guided to the room by our therapists, we have 18 private rooms and every room have a private toilet and shower amenities. There are over 30 therapists ready to serve you and your guests. While massaging, your guests can enjoy the view of Boracay Sea and peaceful music of the spa.

Time of Session:
1. 1000hrs – 1200hrs
2. 1330hrs – 1530hrs
3. 1600hrs – 1800hrs
4. 1900hrs – 2100hrs
5. 2130hrs – 2330hrs

We provide pick up and drop off services in any place in Boracay Island, guests are required to be in the spa 15mins before the start of session. Is advisable to be picked up 30mins before the start of session.

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